• Fungal nail treatment. Fungal nail treatment varies from case to case. The nurse can assess the nails to determine a treatment plan.
  • Thickened nail treatment. Thick nails can cause various health problems and controlling the thickness of the nails are important. The nurse can debride the thick nail(s) on a regular basis to prevent future complications.
  • Diabetic foot care and foot care for individuals with other health challenges. The nurse is trained and experienced to provide care to persons living with such medical problems.

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To learn about foot care nursing specifically

Veterans Affairs Foot Care Information

Diabetes and the feet

Wound care and the feet


Retirement Home resources 

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Resources for older adults​ and their loved ones

Exercise guidelines and research for older adults


 Visiting Foot Care Nurse

  • Visiting locations are at your home in or outside of Orillia. At the Hospital, Group Homes, Retirement and Long Term Care Homes in or outside Orillia. The nurse can set up foot clinics at select locations.
  • Please contact Giselle the foot care nurse for more information and for bookings. Call (705) 558-5506 or email giselledaghri@gmail.com

Foot Care Treatments:

  • Dementia, alzheimers and other chronic mental health challenges. Individuals with such health problems need a specialized approach to care and often need more time. The nurse has treated many persons living with such mental health challenges with good results.
  • Personalized care to your needs. All care is customized to your needs or your loved one's needs. Discuss your expectations with the nurse for best results.

The following websites are listed below to help you learn more about nursing foot care and related topics. Please don't hesitate to contact the nurse if the topic you are looking for is not listed here or if you have any questions.

Cost of Foot Care: $50 and up plus tax per visit

Useful resources:

  • Assessment. The nurse assesses the feet and lower legs each visit to monitor health status and treat problem areas within the nurse's scope of practice.
  • Exercise, fitness and mobility. Staying active is important to maintain independence and the nurse has a strong background in exercise prescription and fitness. The nurse will encourage you and your loved one(s) to stay active.
  • Health consultation. The nurse can provide health teaching within the nurse's scope of practice and make recommendations for your needs.

Before & After Photos:

  • The cost of foot care is $ 50 +tax and up depending on how much work is needed to be done and how much time the nurse needs to spend with the patient. Please note that the nurse provides visiting care; the nurse only provides care at the patient's location.
  • Pain management. The nurse can make recommendations for managing pain and regular foot care prevents pain for many individuals.
  • Skin care is important as regular foot care can promote skin integrity. The nurse helps with maintaining a healthy skin and preventing skin breakdown.
  • Wound care. The nurse can provide wound care to open areas in the skin. The nurse may refer the patient to other health professionals when necessary for optimal results.

Giselle's Foot Care 

  • Toe nail clipping and filing. Toe nails are recommended to be trimmed every 6-8 weeks on average. However, some individuals need more frequent care and others require less frequent visits.
  • Ingrown nails can be painful and may cause infections for some people. The nurse can trim the nail regularly for comfort and help with the management of ingrown nail.
  • Callous & corn treatment. Callouses can cause pain and lead to ulcers at pressure points for certain people. The nurse can help with the reduction and management of callous formation.