• I strive to provide the best quality foot care to improve the person's quality of life through personalized care.
  • Prevent medical and foot complications by providing regular foot care, assessment and health teaching.
  • My goal is to provide comfort and promote mobility; help people stay mobile as long as possible.
  • Improve general activity level and well being through my motivation and exercise recommendations.
  • Help persons living with chronic health challenges & maintain independence through my recommendations.
  • Help families of loved ones living with health challenges through my support and compassionate care.
  • Reduce staff workload at retirement & long term care homes through my collaboration and staff support.
  • Prevent and manage pain through lifestyle modification and regular care.
  • Prevent & manage health complications through my recommendations  & referrals to other providers when necessary.
  • Reduce our health care costs by preventing costly health complications such as amputations through providing regular foot care.
  • Foot care is done at the patient's location only; residency, hospital, retirement home, long term care home, group homes.


Giselle's Foot Care 

  • Foot care visits are provided in Barrie, Orillia and Essa surrounding areas.
  • All visits are done by an experienced nurse.

Beszélek Magyarul - I speak Hungarian

 Visiting Foot Care Nurse

​​​​My name is Giselle Daghri and I am a Registered Practical Nurse in Ontario since 2011. My previous 18 years of work experience consisted of a variety of one on one initiatives which included personal trainer, figure skating coach, fitness tester and instructor. My clientele ranged anywhere between the ages of 3-90 with the goal of achieving the possible fitness levels and quality of lifestyle possible for each individual.

Assisting such a diverse group of seniors, children, competitive athletes and persons with health challenges was a rewarding experience which lead me to my current transition into my nursing career. I hold a degree in Nursing and Kinesiology from York University. I am certified in Advanced Foot Care Nursing making both my previous experience and current training a perfect fit to provide a customized foot care program for any individual’s needs.

Having worked as a nursing staff in long term care homes, I realized that nursing has many challenges with
balancing work loads and lack of staffing levels. High demands and high number of Residents to nurse ratio in long term care settings make it very challenging for staff to provide routine care for patients who require foot care and treatments. With a high population of older adults and families in our community, I have found a demand for this specialized care. There is a strong need for foot care nurses in our community especially in long term care settings where people need more assistance with maintaining mobility. I take great pride and joy in foot care and have found the relationships I have formed to be very rewarding.

Foot care has many health benefits and routine care is very important especially for those who have mobility issues or existing health problems. Quality of life is of utmost importance to me and it reflects in my caring program. People experiencing foot care report it enjoyable, relaxing and therapeutic and appreciative of such a specialized care.

For those in need of assisted living or who have care providers benefit from regular foot care visits as it helps reduce staff workload when the individual has improved mobility, a reduction with foot health problems and an overall improvement for the individuals well being.

Giselle’s Footcare is proud to provide foot care to residents in their homes living in Barrie, Orillia and surrounding area. I also speak Hungarian 
and French in addition to English.

To schedule an appointment, please call: (705) 558-5506 or email: giselledaghri@gmail.com 




  • All foot care visits are provided by Registered Practical Nurse Giselle Daghri.
  • She has been a nurse since 2011 and is registered with the College of Nurses of Ontario.
  • The nurse is an experienced provider to older adults and persons living with various health challenges.
  • ​The nurse updates her knowledge base on a regular basis through attending conferences, workshops and taking courses in the context of nursing foot care.


Je parle Français - I speak French

  • Best Practice Guidelines for Sterilization and Infection Control are strictly followed during care and in between patients.
  • All instruments are sterilized by autoclave; steam sterilization. The most current steam sterilization is being practiced and all instruments are packaged for each patient.
  • The most current best practice guidelines for sterilization is used and spore tests are done at each autoclave cycle to ensure proper sterilization of all instruments.
  • Thickened nails are reduced gently with a machine that has a suction capability; the ability to suction most nail dust during care.
  • All equipments and surfaces are thoroughly disinfected between each patient.

  • The nurse has training and experience providing foot care to persons living with various medical conditions such as diabetes.
  • Foot care is tailored to the person's needs and medical conditions such as dementia .